Christmas Gift Ideas From San Diego

The holidays will be here soon, and may already be on your mind while you enjoy your trip to San Diego. You may be walking through the shops and restaurants, trying new experiences, and thinking about how to surprise your loved ones this year. San Diego is full of inspiration when it comes to gift ideas. Here are a few suggestions for gifts to bring home or to surprise your loved ones while spending the holidays in San Diego.


A Massage

Planning to spend the holiday season with your loved ones in San Diego? Visiting a relative who lives in the area? A gift card to a local massage could be a great way to show that you care about them and feel that they deserve a break. There are plenty of spas, salons, and massages all over the city, including some in La Jolla. Check out our blog about local day spas to learn more about places where you can find a good massage read more here…


Christmas Celebrations in La Jolla

Thinking about celebrating the holidays in La Jolla? Christmas on the beach can be relaxing and refreshing, a welcome break from the colder temperatures in other parts of the country. But just because it’s not likely to snow here doesn’t mean we don’t go all out with our holiday celebrations. From tree lightings to Santa Claus and events all over the community, you’ll find any number of ways to get into the Christmas spirit here in La Jolla.


Seas ‘n’ Greetings

Most of us might not think “aquarium” when we think Christmas, but Birch Aquarium’s “Seas ‘n’ Greetings” event is one of the most fun, festive events of the season, running all through the month of December from 9 am to 5 pm. In that time, you and your family can visit to engage in scavenger hunts, take memorable photographs, or even catch a glimpse of “Scuba Santa” as he explores the various tanks and habitats. After all, Santa’s there for more than just the land-dwelling children at Christmas. The aquarium is decked out in festive decor in order to fully transport you into that holiday state of mind read more here…

The Diverse Flavors of San Diego

Whether you’re visiting for the first time, the fifth time or you’ve lived in San Diego at one point, it’s hard to deny it’s a city full of diverse flavors and eats. In fact, we’re quite proud of the burgeoning culinary scene, from treats to satisfy your sweet tooth, hip microbrews, and dining experiences that fill your mouth with explosions of flavor. The only question is where to start. Let’s go through some of the flavors you’ll find in San Diego through the beginning of the day through the end to give you an idea.


Breakfast and Brunch

Brunch is a necessary part of any good vacation, and San Diego is happy to provide. Here you can find all the savory and sweet classics, as well as some breakfast and brunch spots that are uniquely San Diego. Take for example Toast Gastrobrunch, an all-day brunch stop in Carlsbad. Here, you can find their house special: the Coconut Pistachio Kanafee with ricotta and jack cheese filling as well as orange blossom syrup, and a pistachio topping read more here…

What to Do Indoors in La Jolla

There’s more to La Jolla than beaches and parks. One of the perks of visiting is that the weather is generally sunny and warm, but occasionally, like anywhere else, we do have a rainy day. There also might be a day when you find yourself wanting to enjoy the indoor possibilities at La Jolla. Fortunately, there is plenty to offer. Here are a few suggestions of things you can do on a rainy or otherwise indoors kind of day in La Jolla.

See a Movie

Sure, you can see a movie anywhere, but only in La Jolla can you see one in our luxury theaters, so a movie is still a great choice for a day that doesn’t seem destined for beachgoing. At the mall, you can find AMC La Jolla with twelve theaters and ridiculously comfortable plush recliners so you can enjoy the movie in luxury read more here…

Halloween Activities In San Diego This Year

Any time of year is a great time to visit San Diego, but many visitors come by in the summer — at the height of tourist season — or in winter, to get a break from the cold. One time of year that you may have overlooked is autumn, especially Halloween. Halloween is a holiday that’s spooky, atmospheric, and frankly just fun, and San Diego is happy to deliver on all those accounts. Spending your October in San Diego and looking for things to do this Halloween season? Here are a few of our suggestions.

Spooky Trails at Hellhole Canyon

Starting as early as October 12 is the 16th annual Spooky Trails at Hellhole Canyon, a chance to explore a haunted trail to get into the spooky season. There will also be an opportunity to carve a jack-o’-lantern and prizes will be given out for the best one, as well as costume contests for funniest, scariest, prettiest, and most original. It’s the kind of Halloween celebration that fits however you choose to celebrate the season read more here…

Haunted Places Near La Jolla

For whatever reason, we as a society love to be spooked. In particular, we love ghost stories. It goes beyond the frightful element — ghost stories become a sort of local folklore, a part of the tapestry that is the story of a place. And there’s no better time to learn about some local hauntings than Halloween. If you’re visiting La Jolla this fall, you can get yourself into the Halloween spirit by checking out some of these historic, haunted locations throughout the community or nearby.

The Whaley House

In Old Town San Diego, you’ll find The Whaley House, now a museum that offers visitors a view of San Diego from times past. But this house is more than simply a relic from the mid-19th century and a specimen of Greek Revival architecture. It’s also famously haunted. Before the house was built, the property was the location of gallows where criminals were often hung. It also was the location of the notorious suicide of Violet Whaley, the daughter of the original family of the house. Guests have claimed to have seen a man standing in the parlor who may have been the ghost of Thomas Whaley himself, as well as the ghost of his wife in the garden. Other sightings have been that of a long-haired girl in the dining room, and even apparitions of animals past read more here…

5 Reasons to Visit the Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla

Where you stay during your La Jolla vacation can make all the difference. If you stay somewhere too far removed from all the things you want to do and sights you want to see, you’ll find that much of your vacation will be eaten up in commute. If the location isn’t relaxing for you or the staff is inhospitable, you can find yourself more on edge than you might be at home.

It’s easy for us to tell you that you should stay at The Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla. Of course, that would be our preference. But we also have the convenience, hospitality, and ambiance to back up our recommendation that you stay with us. Here are a few reasons to visit the Bed & Breakfast Inn read more here…