4 Things to Do in Balboa Park This Summer

If you’re visiting San Diego this summer, it’s hard to avoid Balboa Park. The 1,200-acre the urban cultural park is home to the San Diego Zoo, the Summer Shakespeare
Festival, and 17 different museums. The question about Balboa Park is less
whether to visit it but what you should do with the limited time of your trip.
Fortunately, we have you covered. Here are our recommendations for what to do
when visiting Balboa Park.


Have a Picnic

It’s a beautiful park with exciting views all around, so why not take
the time to enjoy them with a picnic. You can bring your own picnic supplies
and camp down in one of the areas that allow food, or you can go to Panama 66
if you didn’t plan ahead. There you can order a glass of wine or a craft beer
and borrow a picnic blanket, camping next to the May S. Marcy Sculpture Garden.
When you finish your picnic, you may want to visit the sculpture garden itself. Read more here…



5 Travel Tips Before Arriving in San Diego

Bed and breakfast in san diego

Traveling to San Diego for the first time? It can be a delightful place to spend a summer vacation, or even just a break away from your typical work routine for a convention, wedding, or a family get-together. But as with traveling anywhere else, you don’t want to go into it blindly. Take some time to research San Diego and any traveling tips you might need to make sure it’s the trip you want and that you’re not put off by unexpected hang-ups. Read more here…

3 Reasons to Choose La Jolla for Your Summer Vacation

Summer is here, and with it, time to head out on your summer vacation. The ideal summer vacation for almost everyone, whether a college student desperate for a break or a family trying to spend quality time together, is a trip to the beach. But with beach communities on every coast — and especially familiar beach communities throughout California, what makes La Jolla stand out? Obviously, we’re biased when we say that you should choose La Jolla for your summer vacation, but we think our bias is justified. Read more here…

4 Best Landmarks in San Diego

San Diego is a sprawling city full of history. While some visit for the beach or the food and microbreweries, others choose to visit San Diego for a chance to explore. Maybe you’re a lover of art or architecture, or relics that have stood the test of time. If that’s the case, there are plenty that you can find throughout San Diego. Some are classic buildings while others are statues hundreds of years old, or even parks. Here are a few of the best landmarks in San Diego to get you started on your sightseeing adventure. Read more here…

Visiting La Jolla Before You Move

Sometimes it’s enough to take a vacation to La Jolla for a few days before you return to your everyday life. But for some, that’s not enough. Some visitors fall in love with the beautiful beaches, friendly community, and warm sun and decide to make a move that’s more permanent. In fact, you might even be considering moving to La Jolla off of reputation alone, without ever having seen it. Of course, before you put a down payment on a home, you’ll want to visit the community and make sure it’s really for you. Read more here…

What is the La Jolla Lifestyle?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to visit La Jolla. The beautiful beaches, mild ocean breezes, close proximity to San Diego, and warm, sunny weather is enough to draw visitors from all over the country. But La Jolla is far from the only sunny beach community in the continental United States. There’s something more that makes it stand out as a vacation spot, and it can be hard to define. It’s the lifestyle of La Jolla that really sets it apart. But what is the La Jolla lifestyle? Let’s break down some of the character traits. Read more here…